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Warom Group

2017/3/30 22:16:43
Warom Group

Warom Group



        Warom Group Co., Ltd., located in Jiading district of Shanghai, with registration capital 12.5 million USD, is specialized in manufacturing industrial explosion-proof lighting fixtures explosion-proof electric apparatus, used in factory, mine and marine; Special movable light fittings; Waterproof and dust proof light fittings, electric apparatus; Flooring construction material, etc. Our company is the standing unit of China Explosion-proof Electric Apparatus Association, and the vice standing unit of China Explosion-proof Electric Apparatus Association, member unit of China Shipping Industry Association, member unit of China Quality Association, Shanghai Foreign Trade Association. In China explosion-proof line, Warom is a professional leading company.

        To be a world famous brand, Warom established a powerful technical team of about 200 junior and senior technicians. Warom series product represents the first level of similar products in China. The key technical index of those exported products such as waterproof, explosion-proof and corrosion proof performance almost meets the international advanced requirements. We have intellectual property rights of all our products, obtained China patent certificate, registered "WAROM" trademark in more than 30 countries in the world.


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